I enjoy working with bright and bold colors to come up with remarkable pieces inspired by my love of nature. My art has evolved from merely sewing pre-made and pre-printed fabric to creating my own designs using the stunning art of batiking. To batik a fabric, I apply the first layer of wax on the fabric, then I choose a color for a dye bath. Next, if desired, I add more wax onto the colored fabric to create another layer of design. Then, I dye the fabric in a darker color. This process of waxing and dyeing may be repeated. The end result of this exciting journey is a piece that is multi-layered, colorful, and unique.

Recently I have taken a journey into the world of Wall Art where the canvas can be virtually anything. I have found both comfort and a new sense of style and creativity that provides just the right amount of contrast from the wearable art technique I have been perfecting to the fluidity of expression. My new found love enables me to explore further beyond textiles.


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